Local Jewish Institutions

With the establishment and growth of the local kosher meat plant, Postville experienced growth in the number of Rabbis (Jewish scholars), many of whom had specialized training in the highly ritualistic techniques of kosher hand slaughtering (shochet). These rabbis were often young, and most had large families with seemingly ever-increasing numbers of children. As their numbers grew, so did their need for the special infrastructure it takes to support an Orthodox Jewish community.

  1. First was the synagogue, built in and around a large old farmhouse on the southern end of town. Today, there’s already two synagogues, the original one mainly for followers of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement often and the new one for followers of the other Chassidic groups. 
  2.  The preschool and segregated schools for younger boys and girls.
  3. The Yeshiva “Beit Shalom” a seminary for young Jewish men who are learning the Torah and other sacred scriptures. Today, Jewish families from throughout North America send their sons to Postville for rabbinical education in an idyllic, isolated, rural setting relatively free of big-city temptations and distractions.
  4. Mikvah ritual bath houses for men and women.
  5. Kosher market and Deli To support the dietary needs of the Jewish population. Soon a Kosher Pizza shop is about to open by a local Jewish resident.
  6. Bais Chabad and Jewish Welcome Center operated by Rabbi Aron Schimmel, an outreach center providing information on the Postville Jewish community for bypassers, visitors and tourists, as well as providing all Jewish needs for Jews throughout the tri state area. (For more information, click here…)

 (For more information about the local Jewish institutions click here…)