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A New Home for Chabad of N.E. Iowa

Mission: "Sharing the Jewish culture and way of life with an open, warm, welcoming, and pleasant environment."

Chabad of N.E. Iowa

In the the minds of many, Hassidim have lived and longed only for Anatevka-the colorful setting for Fiddle on the Roof. But what of the "tradition" about which Tevya sings? What of the delicate dance of faith depicted in his story?

Over the years, the Hassidim of Postville have shared a beautiful appreciation for the local Iowans, and the locals for them. At a time when more and more people are trying to understand the Jewish story, the Judaic Resource Center of NE Iowa is in a position to relay a positive, practical and authentic account.

Let’s Get Building

With G-d's help, the renovation is scheduled to begin summer 2018, with the funds available. Once the construction begins it shouldn’t take more than 2 months from start to completion.

What Can I Do?

We are proud of our responsibility and unique opportunity to share the richness of the Jewish experience. Your partnership will allow us to establish a detailed center of discovery and communication that will build essential tolerance and respect between all people.

For generations to come, our partners will be remembered for their generosity in caring for all. To partake in this historical project and to learn about our various partnership options, please click on the donate button on the right.


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Chabad of N.E. Iowa is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization and all contributions to it are tax deductible

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david bernstein